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Jacob Zuma and "TheTrumpet"

I was recently reading about the new South African leader Jacob Zuma. The blog claimed that Zuma had recently been tried (and acquitted) of rape. The kicker is that the woman was HIV-positive and in interviews he admitted to having unprotected sex with her, but "took a shower" afterwards thereby protecting himself. The second kicker is that at the time he was president of S. Africa's "Council on AIDS".

In search of more information, I Googled it and founds some other stories. I ended up reading this article:

Now the article is pretty interesting. You get a sense that it's written by some folks who perhaps weren't all that thrilled when apartheid ended, but overall it's a pretty good analysis on a subject I hadn't really thought about. It reminded me of a WSJ editorial, in both tone and content. Except when I got to the next-to-last paragraph:
South Africa has been a notable exception to this…