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More evidence against the Obesity Epidemic

Interesting WSJ article  on a new JAMA Obesity study. Long story short, BMIs of 25-30 and 30-35 show no increase in mortality vs BMI 20-25 (which is considered "normal" weight).  In fact they showed a slight decrease in mortality, but perhaps not statistically significant.  Note that these BMI classes are "overweight" and "obese" respectively.  This is actually great news for the vast majority of Americans that occupy these BMIs.  No doubt organizations  like CDC will still say "40% of US population is overweight or obese", but for the most part the data say there's *no health risk* associated with that statement! The article also talks about the "Obesity Paradox": The new report is the latest, and largest, to document what scientists call the "obesity paradox." Other studies have shown that people with heart disease, diabetes and other chronic health conditions tend to live longer if they carry excess pounds even th